Tip #4: Learn Something New
A time of crisis can involve uncertainty and anxiety. Try learning something new. Sound odd? It is said that learning new things can change our brain chemistry and help us adapt to new situations and develop resilience This, in turn, help us overcome feelings of helplessness and regain personal power. Plus, I am sure that learning keeps us forever young.
So why not give it a try? Here are some learn-something-new ideas my clients shared with me.
• Learn something new online, perhaps a new application, how to run an online meeting, how to do online banking (nice going Bob) or any online service that is new for you.
• Invent, design or create something, perhaps a new engineering doodad, a new baby food for those new twins (congrats Kimberly), a new recipe, new wellness routine or new welding technique.
• Study or research a new topic, perhaps learn about stocks and bonds, a new language, a new hobby or an online course.
• Explore how to make mundane, boring things more interesting or creative.
These are tips from my clients for navigating today’s troubled waters. I have a client looking for tips for teenagers. Any suggestions?