Tip #3 Protect Your Community.

Practice preventive measures, especially social distancing and staying home.

Refuse the low road. Resist hoarding. Resist spreading gossip. Resist believing rumors.

Take the high road. Check on someone by calling, texting, emailing or connecting online. Share your experience by journaling or blogging. Donate to a food pantry. Call ahead to check how to do it considering social distancing.

Believe there is a crisis. Last week, a mayor in a small town in New Mexico did not believe we had a crisis and did not put any preventive measures in place. That sure doesn’t inspire faith or hope or taking the high road. Don’t be like him.

Several of my clients are struggling with issues related to corona virus. I am offering some of the tips these clients suggest for navigating today’s uncertain waters. You are invited to share your tips. To help clients deal with corona virus.